OUR MISSION:Welcome to Strickland Trading Inc. As a private leading scrap metal brokerage company established in 1991, our team of highly experienced traders offers its services to a number of quality producers and consumers of scrap metal within the United States. With a history of success, our company’s mission is to provide our clients with an outstanding business relationship that is unmatched in the industry. Strickland Trading has been built on the foundation of integrity, consistency, reliability, longevity, and expertise needed to complete the successful business transaction.Whether it’s a small family owned scrap metal processor or the large Fortune 500 consumer of scrap metal, our track record of matching the consumers’ needs with quality sources of material at market prices have allowed us to build a successful and trusted company.

Please contact us with any questions, and we would be honored to promptly reply to your inquiries.
Strickland Trading Inc.